Prop Mgmt Firm Hires Us For Redesign

We were contacted by another property management firm (can you tell we’re the experts in this niche?) to redesign their logo and website. The plan first was to update their logo to a more modern and clean design. They asked that I not post their old logo. Perhaps they feel it looked like real estate 1900. Here are the first concepts of the redesigns.

FLPM Logo Concepts

2 very different designs. One, looks more traditional (the first design) and the 2nd looks more bold & modern.

After letting FLPM review the designs, they decided that the 2nd looked more like a roof of a home. Can you see the roofline and side of the house? Look to the left of the logo. Good! Now you see it!

They felt this really represented the rental management business well.

So TA-DA, #2 is the winner.


Next we’ll work on a website for them which will include the ability for property owners to check rent status and receive owner reports. We’ll also have a tenant portal for tenants to learn what’s required for a new lease. We’ll also design a form for them to attract new owners to consider their management services.

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St. Pete Prop. Mgmt. Firm Hires Us

A St. Pete property management firm recently hired us to refresh their branding. They had been used an old, 1990′s style logo and website and felt they needed a change to keep up to date with the new demands of real estate. So we started off with their logo. Our team came up with the following logo concepts:


After showing to SPPM, they went with the third option.


Being they deal mostly with residential rentals, it made sense to focus on the single family home/neighborhood feel we tried to capture in this design. The other logos felt a little more serious or commercial in nature (especially logo 2). Being that they currently don’t focus on commercial rentals, #3 was the clear choice.

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Jacksonville Property Management Firm Partners With Real Estate Celebrity

The team at JPM- Jacksonville Florida Property Management called us to design a more modern logo for them and also to update their website. We’re still working on their website but we did some logo concepts for them. You can see them below.

3 logos for Jacksonville Property Management

They specialize in residential investment property management so they wanted something that conveyed home leasing within the logo. We went with the roofline look to portray that. Ultimately, they chose the design that had the house look surrounding the J for “Jacksonville”, their home base. We like this one too!

Jacksonville Final Logo

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New Property Management Website in Gainesville

Real Estate Celebrity is an expert in branding real estate professionals with the professional image they need in today’s marketplace. GPM of Gainesville, Florida, a property management firm, recently hired us to design creative for them. You can see the logo our team created for them. What do you think of the design? We also are working on their website design too to attract investor leads looking to rent one of their investment properties. GPM will be standing out in Gainesville now!


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